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Home » Site News » Guide making kamas via kolo...

Guide making kamas via koloseum.

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Hello guys. Here i want to share some of my technique in making kamas via kolo. so far its works well for me, with a bit of patients and hard work, this method will allow you to make kamas, enough to pay for you ogrines weekly. This method isn’t suit for newbie, however with little investment you can succeed in this method.

as the title said, this method actually involve players to participate in kolloseum fight. And other acc i have a low level pvp char. an agi iop.

This iop is well equip with superior gear. And also with lvl 100 mount. Each time i win kolo fight i got kollo token. Being an agi iop really a big advantage as the AoE spell can hit over 300+ on multiple opponent, pairing with feca and sac, the winning rate is really high. Every day you will also receive bonus token depending on your rating. The token can be trade into crimson pebble since it is really in high demand, esp in server rosal.

People love to craft soul stone for making DP and royal masto soulstone.

i sell it 8000kamas each. dayly i can make 80kk-120kk.

though this method isn’t my main kamas making method, still i can make more than 400kk per week while enjoying playing with people and learning how to play with my class at the same time. enough to buy ogrines weekly also here if you don’t want your char level too much, you can put 90% xp on guild and mount respectively at the same time. I use this since it’s purely pvp alt which the gear is totaly for certain low level 50-70+.

Always remember if you want to succeed in this method, invest kamas on buying hax gear. Farm kamas with any of your proff like farmer baker. It’s worth.

In conclusion:

1. Make a solid pvp class such as agi iop, int iop, agi cra, str cra, agi eca, int sac and even agi rogue.

2. Farm kamas with all you can, buy only TOP equipment.

3. Put xp on 90% on mount and guild. With this you can make stay competitive every time and prevent over level on using the equipment.

4. Make friends with people. Pre formed team is always good since you can plan your tactic wisely and good teamwork.

Below are some on warning and good advice, i gonna highlight it. Remember it and always apply this in your heart when battle. 


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